Champ Tile – No Title

I’d love to bring to your attention that on the 9th of May (Last Friday),

Champ’ is set to drop the 1st video from my mixtape #PracticeMakesPerfect for the song “No Title” which is dedicated to his friend and former SA Walter weight Champ “Ronald Dlamini” who lost his site due to meningitis. Him surviving and beating the odds, highlighting the parallels in our careers ; music and the fighting sport as well. 

“If you have the tape this will make more sense to you. This was done with almost no budget but I promise the quality is at a competitive level. Lets make the views look like its a commercial/mainstream release lol.” Champ added

Before the video drops you can check out this performance in the meantime and you can click ‘HERE‘ to view it.

And by the time we published this article, The video was already released, and we provided the youtube link below! Enjoy
Champ’ Tile – #NoTitle

Twitter : @Champ_Tile
Instagram: champ_tile
Facebook: Champ’mchanam 
Reverbnation : 

Posted By @VerbossMusiQ


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