Project Kay’s Dark Ages

If you’re from Durban and you haven’t heard anything about “the what I want video” .. You’re lying nigga!!

I honestly don’t even know Project Kay.. The guy whose “what I want” single taken from his new mixtape has been causing storms in Durban, but I did a lil digging and got to know who Project Kay is ..

Kundai (Project-Kay) Vera is a music producer, rapper, film director and VFX artist who was born on the 8th March 1988 in Harare. In 1995 his missionary parents, Pastor Vernon and Evelyn Vera moved the family to South Africa when he was seven years old. By the age of just 8, Kundai began playing the keyboard in church which is where he discovered his love for music. At the age of twelve he began composing his own music. In the winter of 2003 the family moved to Lesotho where he started spending his time making beats on his little Pentium 2. He then formed a rap group called the Mic-Vandalists with some friends from his youth group at church.

In 2006 he moved back to South Africa (Durban) to study sound engineering and pursue his dream of being a music producer. At college, he proceeded to pass at the top of his class with 14 distinctions. He then worked for various studios around Durban and currently works as a studio manager in Westville. Here is where he developed his skills in video editing and visual effects and also picked up directing. In 2010 he released “Project-kay vs The Kritik” a free to download Beat-tape with close friend “Phil the Kritik”. After this he formed a new hip hop group named “Clockwox” with Ushe-S and Soulbass. In 2012 wrote and directed his first short film (the love note), which he entered the Durban Film Festival Short film and subsequently became one of the featured entrants at the price giving ceremony that year.

He has since directed numerous music videos for Connecting Stars, Ushe-S, Clockwox , himself and several other television Commercials. He is currently working on his studio album “The Dark Knight Villain” and is releasing his EP “The dark Ages” in May 2014. The leading track “What I Want”, is produced, engineered and recorded by himself, and features Durban rappers Flowsik, Ushe-S and Clara-T. This body of work along with everything he has done is meant to show case his producing and directing abilities to the world.

The EP  will be out (under CannDance Music & ClockWox) towards end of May. Date still to be confirmed. 

Music Video has a website: (Yeah the video has its own website, that’s how big this video’s marketing has been)

Download the song :
Project-Kay ft. Flowsik, Ushe-S & Clara-T – What I Want
Quick Download Link:
Actual Link: Project-Kay Dropbox Link

Subscribe to our YouTube Accounts: 
Clockwox Durban
CannDance Music

For more info:

Some great dedication has been shown here, in terms of work ethic, video graphics, rappers and marketing so do appreciate the hardwork and support these hommies [Local has never been this lekker]

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