The Lab Recording Studio Special

There’s more to a song than just a beat & lyrics, and this guy right here knows all about it, he’s recorded with Metro & SAMA winners.. Quality is his middle name!

R700 per a song including mixing, mastering and one hour of studio time

At a MetfroFM and SAMA award winning Recording Studio With World Class sound Quality.

1 hour FREE studio time worth R300 for FREE excluding mixing and mastering which is compulsory.

*Terms And Conditions Apply
*Valid for a limited time only

If you are tired of having average quality music then what are you waiting for? Forward this message to anyone you might know who is looking for their big break in the music industry.

Is your song written and ready for recording and when do you want to come in?

               The Lab Recording Studio
             ” Where Quality Comes First”

Cell : 073 053 4023
Whatsapp : 073 053 4023

There are 3 steps involved to make an song/ demo/ album. Recording, mixing and mastering.

The more prepared you are, the better it will be for you.. I have recorded over 1000 albums so I know how to advise u on how to get the best product.

I will provide free beats of your choice if you require. I have many to choose from. Or you can bring in your own beats. After recording is mixing and then mastering. Each step is vital.I suggest that u do some research on what is mixing and mastering if u don’t know.

If u require, I will also advise u on the steps that need to be taken in order to get radio airplay.
And I will also advise u on how to get your music to record labels and how to get signed to a record label.

Let me know when your ready and I will book you in.

The Lab Recordings

Hit Up Duane Sin Via

Whatsapp On 073 053 4023.
BBM : 29E1D3AC
Twitter : @duanesin


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