Remember The Slogan

We Back BITCH!! And we got Slogan.

Real name : Bulumko Mapukata from the Eastern Cape(Butterworth 4960) started rapping at the age of 11 when he “met this cute girl called Rap Music”. Currently appeared on HYPE MAG on the NewComer’s Delight Spot and has been working on a tape for the past 5 months so yes that’s Slogan fam..

We got talking about basically everything he’s gonna be all about these next few weeks..

Veezy : You said 5 months on that Tape.. So how’s that tape coming along ?

Slogan : I’m proud to say we are done with it and according to the Label its set to drop this coming friday so yeah watch out for the RTS Mix Tape

Veezy : RTS ??

Slogan : Remember The Slogan,its like every artist has lost the main purpose of making music,we are stuck in this world or this theory that we music put out soulful music,well RTS is saying enough of that, let’s make people dance now we’ve heard hard records since the 80’s,we YOUNG,new generation,so that means new sound so that’s RTS for you

Veezy : What label are you under ?

Slogan : Slogan is signed by a Butterworth Based Label “D.A Labs Music”

Veezy : Why did you choose to go with an alias such as ‘Slogan’ ?

Slogan : Growing up I remember i was in Grade 3….so in this Arts N Culture class we lent about LOGOS so I was so excited because it was the first time hearing about such things then all to find out that there’s a thing called a “SLOGAN” so I would make up Slogan’s at class so I think my childhood friends took that isht until I decided F it everyone calls me Slogan so I’m down with that!

Veezy : Who did you work with on this tape ? And what do you hope to achieve from it ?

Slogan : On the tape I worked with Just Aya(D.A Labs Music),Propane(Mags Media),Vermuisman(D.A Labs) and Chris J, I wish the tape can open hearts,can move depression,can bring excitement,can put Butterworth or Eastern Cape on the map,I don’t care about me,I can about the listener,so I wish it could make a difference to the listener like it did to me, so for now that’s what I plan to achieve besides selling a lot lol

Veezy : Where will you be selling it ? any specific province/ region

Slogan : The Tape will be available on Datafilehost on a Zipped File but that will be on friday but it will also be on physical copy,people will make an Order,give us their address then we exchange the Account number then its all good,that all happens for a decent price R25

Veezy : Are you satisfied with the tape ? Like there’s nothing you feel was left or u couldve done ?

Slogan : Well it all depends on the listener but for me,I respect the tape its all on GOD so yes I’m down with it!

Veezy : If you COULD featured 5 people in the music industry(Producer/Singer/Rapper) who would they be ? Local & International

Slogan : Lol nice question hmm I would go with YeYe,Dictator,Lwansta,The Astronomical Kid,and Misfit I mean they proper!

Veezy : What’s your fav. Joint on the tape & why ?

Slogan : Lol mean every track is special to me but that one track that stands out is the anthem itself “Remember The Slogan” i express how I feel about the game and personal thoughts its too sick!

Well you’ve heard it from the young King himself from a Hype Magazine appearance, To releasing a mixtape under a label .. Bigger things are coming for the Slogan!!(Am I the only 1 who feels like his rap name sounds like a wrestlers name ? LOL )

Anyway, stay super glued up for the release of his Mixtape, We Will Be featuring the link on this very website for download availability Sgaaaaaadit!


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