AKA beefin’ With Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Tweeting in frustration

Cassper Tweeting in frustration

arrogant too much ?

arrogant too much ?

So I stumble upon a few “AKA Diss” Tweets and I’m thinking its a norm vele .. But I suddenly realize most of them are defending Cassper Nyovest. I’m like what the hell and start check out a few people’s tweets to get behind the story

So the jam here is that apparently Cassper Nyovest made a certain statement claiming Doc Shebeleza is number 1 and is one of the biggest acts out right now. AKA wasn’t having that bull so he went on to subliminally take a jab at Cass’ by saying “I’m No.1 on iTune, Not Zippyshare” (for those who don’t get it iTunes, you get paid for every download.. But Zippyshare only has free downloads).

With this remark we assuming AKA is saying “No Cassper, your song isn’t that big because its not on iTunes” is it not ?.. AKA has every right to brag as he went on to post a pic with all his past awards with the caption (Decided to post these just to remind you, who you’re fucking with) but what is he telling us ?

Cassper Nyovest shouldn’t be too happy about his song because it was a free download ? So what ? Tons of people prefer Doc shebeleza over congratulate .. Or is his point that he made more money than Cassper over his allegedly “No.1 song” ?

And He just couldn’t stop pointing out how his songs Congratulate has been no.1 on iTunes & how he’s better .. BUT HE FORGETS TO MENTION ITS SA iTUNES, NOT WORLDWIDE!!

Then Da Les goes on to tweet :
@2freshLES: Look I don’t wanna hear any artist saying they got the number 1 song in the country right now unless u my bro AKA

Nobody can win an argument saying AKA isn’t Talented I mean ofcourse he is, But why can’t he let Cassper enjoy his shine as a ‘Newcomer’ blossoming (I know he’s been rapping prolly longer than AKA but in terms of comercial hip hop he’s new).. And to put the cherry on top, AKA goes on to tweet “On Thursday we going to make your video look like it was shot with a cellphone”

I’m just saying it wouldn’t kill AKA to appreciate other people’s talents..(And maybe shut up in the process) but I mean as he once said himself “You Can Never Be The New Kid On The Block Twice”

Congratz To Cassper Nyovest On The Great Song, & Cool Video.. Wish You & AKA All The Best In The Future!

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AKA talking about releasing his video

AKA talking about releasing his video

Then he goes and says this

Then he goes and says this


36 thoughts on “AKA beefin’ With Cassper Nyovest

  1. AKA if you are reading this: Your Music lacks originality that’s a fact you imitating artists from the US. You can’t expect us to support your Music we already have Kanye West or Jay z we don’t need a Duplicate. Be real just like CASSPER you should look up to him hey and stop getting advise from DA L.E,S ever w why he never even got an award?! cuz he is always your handbag

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