i Killa feat. Mcola – Kanjena

Brand new heat featuring a rapper whose has recently released a Mission Statement remix and if you don’t know about em’ read lil more about them below.

Mr Fak’I Pressure movement, I_Killa is a rapper from 1685 who’s made a name for himself as a rapper from 1685 with his smash hit “I woke up in a new Avanza” which dropped last year.

This time I_Killa went on to partner with Hook’T On FoNiX Production’s rapper, MCola to bring you a song titled Jayva Kanjena, meaning dance like this.

Now, this song shows partnership between 1685 rappers because the beat is by I_Killa, it’s recorded by I_Killa and MCola and mastered by Dr-Tragik of Grind Addiktion Music.

The song has been out for 5 days, doing well and has been playlisted on RadioBBR.

For more of the artist’s songs and updates like album releases. Follow them on twitter:


Link : http://t.co/4aWXxVfdTe


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