CashTime Fam ft. KO – Time Goes By

I know its Friday and people finna “Turn Up” pretty soon, but since the split up of CTF(Cashtime Fam) we do miss the good music..

Now now ..Relax, I didn’t say they are the best rappers alive I’m just saying cashtime fam was a great initiative you know ?.. Rappers that can lace up some more than decent verses and a guy that could sing.. Complete package for a great boy band thingy they were

Slowly they broke up , until this year when it was announced that Cashtime Life I’m guessing is a record label , but Cash time fam was a group and they’ve currently reached whatever group achievement they were hoping for, and should stretch out as solo artists under the same label.

Anyway here’s a good old single .. Well not that old but its one of the good tunes from the good times d/l below

» CashTime Fam feat. KO – Time Goes By «


2 thoughts on “CashTime Fam ft. KO – Time Goes By

  1. Am finding you guys as an good influence in ma work since thes no Female rapper who does it for me so am sartainly sure that one day I will be working with you and being an influence to others like me # God bless you all and your good work .this wonderfull God will lead me to your hands and work with ou sum day soon

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