10 things YOU didnt know about Robin ThirdFloor

Incase You hommies didn’t Know.. Our Hommie Robin ThirdFloor has been making some major moves in durban with his fresh and different music personality. From having a single on his mix tape be no.1 at a Gagasi FM. Hip hop show to a well received mix tape.

But just like every other rapper , or better yet like every other person there’s always some things you don’t know about a person & We thought we’d fill you in on 10 things I bet you didn’t know about Mr ThirdFloor –

★ Ten Things You didn’t know about Robin ThirdFloor ★

☞ Before getting into rapping he was fascinated about soccer to such an extent that he once made it into the final selection for Wits University football club but was denied the opportunity to leave KZN by his mother

☞ The reason why he started rapping was to pay revenge on his early high school crush for not giving him a chance. The plan was to rap and become popular and cool then when she wants him he then tells her to back off(Cruel huh lol)

☞ He has changed his rap name 3 times over the years from S.k33zy to Acheron to now his current name in which he promises us that it is his last name change.

☞ His the only child at home.

☞ He recently finished his studies in B.com Economics at the University Of Zululand.

☞ He sleeps between 00h00 and 02h00 everyday,3 quarters of the time he spends on the social networks and a quarter of the time researching on more efficient ways of getting his music out there.

☞ He loves Poker Face cheese flavored popcorn and makes sure that he at least has a packet every day.

☞ He never could swim but only learnt last year how to and yes lol him learning to swim had everything to do with impressing a certain lady.

☞ He loves kids especially toddlers,he would rather spend time babysitting than turning up. Funny though how he says he aint ready for his own. ‘I want to get my paper game right first’ says the young word smith.

☞ He spends two hours on average whenever he gets ready to go somewhere,an hour or so for getting ready,a couple of minutes praying for his journey and the rest of the time looking for his earphones which always seem to go missing!!

Haahahahahahaa Yes, bet you wouldn’t have guessed all that about our homie, you know a lil about him but still no clue of his music ?

5 Weeks since its release his debut’ mixtape is steadily approaching 1000 downloads .. Click Here To Download His Mix Tape

Hook Up With The Young Nig’ On Socials :

Fb : Robin ThirdFloor RSA
Twitter : @RobinThirdFloor


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