Kaptin’s Songs About Girls

My name is Ashley Griffiths, I go by the name Kaptin. I’m mostly a hip hop artist but on occasion I do some rnb singing aswell.

He started experimenting with words from the age of 8 after listening to other local artists at the time like T.R.O. And Storm Squad. And international artist like 2pac and Eminem and as time went on got better at writing.

He came into the music scene in 2006 as a gospel artist in a group called M.S.G. And that’s actually when he got the name Kaptin.
It was given to him by the 2 other members in the group because of his experience,leadership qualities and good motivational messages He used to give them.

He later moved into commercial music and formed another group FreeWay Society under the label FreeWorld Music with which He had the opportunity to meet and perform alongside AKA and DjFanatic and socialise and network with other popular celebs like Tall ass Mo, Camp Moola and others.

Last year, through conflict, He decided to leave FreeWorld music and pursue a solo career and as of now He’s set to release my first solo E.P. Titled Songs About Girls which is a 6 track collection of songs he’s done about his experiences with females since He got into commercial rap,

The first single: All I Need has been released
For free download and has been getting great responses from people. “I am encouraged by this as they believe in me and feel I deserve to make it into mainstream media.”

“I just want to say thank you to each and every person who was involved in getting me to this point from the fans who download, like and share to the bloggers and community who show support. Without your help hip hop will struggle to grow in Durban. Thank you.”

Kaptin – All I Need (Click To Download)

To Like His facebook fan page – CLICK HERE

Follow Him on Twitter: @KaptinIam


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