Pillz – Zuma Time

Mpilo Xulu(20) popularly as his stage name “Pillz” is a durban based rapper, who started out his rap career at the age of 16 with his first solo mixtape “Thug”.

He is now working under the label “Courtacy Music Group (CMG) (PTY) LTD. He released his first online mixtape in 2012 which was recorded in Glenmore durban and South Central Durban. This project was distributed by CMG. The mixtape comprised of 12 songs, 2 releases from that mixtape (All This and No Dreams, Stop and Stare) and one music video (Ova Dose) which was released on the you tube platform.

Link To Pillz’s A Million Thoughts Mixtape Below :
» Pillz – A Million Thoughts Mixtape «

In 2013 he worked on two group projects, as well as his own project. The first project was with a rap group called RFO, a mixtape called ‘December heartbeats’ which was released on the 1st of December 2013. This project was recorded in Glenmore durban and Cowis Hills Durban.

Link To RFO Songs Below :
» Rhyme Force One(RFO) Songs On MTV Website «

Another project is a group project which consisted of his label mates! This was the labels first venture in creating a joint mixtape called ‘Signature’ which was released in the first quater of this year! The majority of this project was recorded in South Central Durban. About Three Releases and Three Music Videos were used from this mixtape to promote the project!

Link To Courtacy Music Group’s Signature Mixtape Below :
» Courtacy Music Group Presents – Signature «

Pillz has yet to release his sophomore mixtape ”All Love Pillz (Official Mixtape)”. This mixtape was recorded at Cowis Hills durban and also South Central Durban! There has been two releases from this mixtape, making Zumah Time, his third release!

Zumah Time has already sparked conversations and interest on social networks such as Facebook and twitter before its release, which makes the Rapper Pillz quite comfortable with where he is headed with the song!

Zumah Time is Pillz’s way of expressing that Mr. Zumah (his ‘commercial alias’ as he would call it) is the new symbol of success, just like ‘the American dream’ there fore, he puts himself in that type of character, and adds abit of flavor to his ‘show and tell’. His catchy hooks, would not go unnoticed as his producer (Kroniq) cooked up a banging trap beat, which made everything blend in properly, leaving you repeating the hook over and over again.

Link Is Below :

» Pillz – Zumah Time (Prod. By Kroniq) «


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