Young Cannibal’s All In All

Ola!! So I got hold of all of young Cannibal’s recorded work and thought it would be cool to have it available all in 1 place . But it wouldn’t be fitting to just drop the link, so I had a lil chat with King Cannibal on his recent success & his future plans..

Veezy : Ok . So a few months after winning the most awards at the OMAs .. Do you still feed off your energy from that or its something you got over ?

Young Cannibal : Not that I don’t appreciate em but honestly sometimes I even forget I won da awards ,maybe its because ang aim(ile) wona they just a bonus nje espanin engsenzayo.

Veezy : For Young Cannibal what’s 2014 gonna be about ?

Young Cannibal : Touring .. Botswana, Swaziland & provinces around SA performing, also shooting music videos for my upcoming mix tape that’s a double disc titled ”madness is endless(ksazohlekwa)” dropping month end MARCH … Ngenza konke okungakaze kwenziwe amanye ama unsigned artist ase KZN

Veezy : If you could, which top 5 local rappers would you love to collabo with ?

Young Cannibal : Ei baningi kahlulu ngeke wanele u5 but almost wonke umuntu ozmisele ngingasebenza naye.

Veezy : And Internationally ?

Young Cannibal : Eish I’m not a fan

Veezy : And to close off what do you think of 3rd brick’s recently released single, Foul Mouth ?

Young Cannibal : Didnt hear the track but 3rd brick is 1 of da best lyricists that ever came from durbs ”engwaziyo”.

Links To All Singles Below :
(Click on the song titles to download the desired song)

MasterCann – Cypher 1 .

Young Cannibal – Ngeke Sizwe Ngabo ( Sabatha)

Sbuda P & Young Cannibal – 3Chainz (prod Mbzet)

Young Cannibal – Freetape

Click To Watch Live Performance by Young Cannibal At Bat Center 14 DEC 2013


MasterCann – Interrogation room

MasterCann – Politics

Yizo Remix – Mhlathi, MasterDee,Target, Mpriest, 22pagez & YoungCannibal (prod. By 1nda)

#DMViolence – ikasi Lami Remix ft. MasterDee & Young Cannibal (MasterCann) (prod.ByMbzet&MasterDee)

Young Cannibal – Mabhebeza (Prod.ByMbzet)


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