3rd Brick – Foul Mouth (D/L)

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!! 3rd Brick Killed Shit Ouchea!!

Gaaaaat-DEMET .. Ok! When Magic M said this song will change Durban Hip Hop, I thought he was exaggerating and you know just hyping .. But MAN.. Nigga Didn’t lie

I’ve always wanted to hear a song by 3rd Brick and I’ve honestly never got to, so I was pretty excited when he released this and even more upset when I realized how much heat I’ve been missing out on.

With Such Lyrics :

“Black Zeus & Young Cannibal flip over the same coin/
Pity we never gonna hear them niggas on the same joint/
Beefin’ over a damn skirt , should be putting in some work”

“Breeze became a trendsetter and disappeared in a minute/
Heard a few of his own dudes calling his raps gimmick”

“I remember when
Abdus Had It poppin’ Niche Fam had it poppin’
I was pissed off to learn that Hydro never had it poppin’
Just another durban story, Rise and Fall before the glory”

if you don’t check this out now.. F’tsek!!

Link below :

» 3rd Brick – Foul Mouth «


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