Snap Blue Jeanz

Today we profiling and discussing one of the biggest hustlers on facebook.. Music wise. With an odd rap alias and stacks of airplay under his belt .. 2014 could prove to be the year he’s been waiting for to blow up.

Born Michael Pietersen on the 19th of February 1989 at ODI hospital in Mapobapane a township in the North, Michael aka snap to his followers comes from a very musical family, his mother to be exact used to play music loud on weekends while she was cleaning the house.

‘Snap Blue Jeanz’ .. Curious as to why he’d name himself this .. He answered :
“I wanted a name that best suits my audience,so seing dat am more of a bouncy hiphop kinder rapper nd snap best suits my image nd the kinder person I am so basically snap means
P-with passion (passion for music)”.

When he was only 14 years old he went to attend a secondary school nearby where his love for hip-hop begun after visiting his older cousin during school holidays, His cousin introduced him into hip-hop. Snap started miming and rapping along to his favorite hip hop songs and favorite artists like Tupac ,Biggie and 50 cent to name a few. Later on he started writing his own songs wishing he could find a studio to record them.

He then went on to form a crew with a group of friends called “Da punishers” that was his first recording session with the crew; they recorded a demo which landed them a sponsorship deal with a music company in Johannesburg. They went as far as recording an album with the company but due to disagreements the deal was called off so the crew split and Snap once again was left all alone to push on his own again.

Snap started concentrating on his solo career in 2008 and 2009, when he featured on two mix tapes of a hip-hop crew called “Baggy revolutionary society”. December 2009 snap released his first solo mix tape called “Young, fresh and from the block” independently. Lots of things started to happen snap had a hit in that mix tape called “Baggy blue jeanz” it got so much rotation on radio and he started getting gigs and radio interviews and papers. He sold his mix tape single handily in his township.

September 2012 saw Snap release his second follow up mix tape called “Da grind 101” which takes you through his hustling journey as an artist all those ups and downs changing crews until he finally found himself as snap a solo artist. He is now pushing the mix tape online and getting love from across the world.

Here’s a single from the ‘Da Grind 101 Mix Tape’ by Snap that was produced by Sway and published by : Blue Jeanz music

Click HERE To Download

Snap doing what he does best.

Snap doing what he does best.


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