Mcola’s Mission Statement Remix

Colani Phiri also known as ‘MCola’ is an 18 year old rapper from Ivory Park/1685 In Midrand.

He has made four appearances on Sizwe Dhlomo and Siyabonga Scoop Ngwekazi’s show, The full Clip On Yfm and that helped him build himself as an artist and got listeners for his music.

MCola is an artist from Hook’T On Fonix production which is owned by his friend and producer, Simphiwe Mashaba also known as Smagger.

MCola is a big of Teargas and K.O and says “Its an honour for me to even have this remix I wish K.O would hear it”

MCola’s Mission Statement remix has had a great reception and got +800 downloads in two days.

Download His Mission Statement Here Below :

» Download ‘Mcola’s Missions Statement’ Remix «

Facebook: MCola Phiri
Twitter: @MCola_
Instagram: mcola_phiri
Tumblr: mcolaphiri
Whatsapp: 079 1393 019


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