Mrizzy Mixtape Review

As you prepare to listen to this mixtape .. Hats off to Mrizzy. he’s a very talented producer that showed us through this project that you don’t need a star studded tape in order for it to sound Gawdly!! He’s got sick beats.. Mean flows.. Hungry. Rappers .. What more do you want ?

I actually got a chance to listen to a few songs and this is the best I could say about em’ without giving away too much info for yoll..

Track 2 – ‘Evolution’ Featuring LoyaltyDaRapper ..
Sick Beat.. And Greater single to choose as the mixtape’s trend .. #Evolution .. Is what’s heard throughout the mixtape . But Don’t get it twisted the mixtape is called “The Experiment” but the theme/trend of the tape Is #Evolution

“All you hating niggas be all over my sh*t/
I feel like mike tyson, I’m bringing all the hits”

Track 4 – ‘Monsters & Beasts On Beats’ Featuring Lwansta ..

This track on its own has already cause a couple’ swerves!! And apparently(has received Kendrick Lamar’s situation kinda Responses) .. Mostly directed to the ‘Beast’ In the situation when Kokstad rappers caught feelings and when into “War” with their ‘DAD’

“Kokstad rappers are my sons, you can’t shine in front of your dad/
you can’t do the shit that I have/
you can’t kill a verse like I did whenever I spit and talk-all-that shit when I was that kid who didn’t know jack/”

Track 6 – ‘AfterParty’ Featuring LoyaltyDaRapper & BabzoDaGreat ..

One of those tracks you bump while on your way to the club JUST TO TURNUP!!! Another Sick Banger Beat with International Quality Nje .. Will have you feeling some-typa-way .. WE TURRRRRNT!!

“Walked up in a house party..
Smoke like Bob Marley/
We don’t care about nobody
Get drunk and pop Molly”

Track 7 – Best Believe Featuring LoyaltyDaRapper & BabzoDaGreat ..

Super Chilled song with so much meaning and you can tell the hunger in these youngin’s voices man and how much they all about team spirit and delivering the guap on the table at the end of the day

“Best believe I got it .. From Day 1 I got it/
Lend me your ears and
I promise to tell you all about it/ “

The mix tape is available in 3 different forms of downloads :

(1) MrizzyDaGood – The Experiment (Zipped Version)
» Download Zipped Version HERE «

(2) MrizzyDaGood – The Experiment (Stream/Download)
» To Download/Stream Click HERE «

(3) Download Each Single Separately

•[1] Illuminati
•[2] Evolution Ft. LoyaltyDaRapper
•[3] She Do The Miley
•[4] M.B.O.B Ft. Lwansta
•[5] Dont Wake Me Up
•[6] AfterParty Ft. BabzoDaGreat & LoyaltyDaRapper
•[7] Best Believe Ft. BabzoDaGreat & LoyaltyDaRapper
•[8] #NotesPussyPower

Join the #Evolution on twitter. Hashtag #Evolution or follow (@CaptainMrizzy) on twitter..


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