H4 Featuring Lastee – Everyday


Believe me when I say I do this everyday..

Whatever/whoever you are .. If you want that motivation. That pick me up when you’re bored at work. When you want something to pump up the mood when in the gym or a jam to bump on the way to work.. Any time anywhere mah nigga!!

Its a Spiritual Hip Hop joint that Preaches!! We need more songs like these(ESPECIALLY IN DBN) to remind rappers to stay real and true to who they are outside their rap alias..

Super Niiice Flows.. Perfect Vocals.. And A Sick Beat.

Before you even download here’s a lil info on who H4 is ..

H4 is A Rap Group From Verulam. They Belong To A Movement Called For-TLOM(For The Love Of Music). H4 Has Four Members : Cannon, King, E­L-Saint & Vaculous.

The Group Was Originated In 2011… Their Last Single “Faka Umoya” Did Very Well & Has Been Played On Gagasi FM,Vibe FM & Playlisted On Inanda FM. Lyrical Saint Said “We Currently Haven’t Released Any Projects,We Just Releasing Singles Trying To Get A Target Market And A Fan Base…On Everyday We Talk About How Letting Christ In Your Life Will Change your Life.”

…Their Next Single After Everyday Is Called “Less Yada Yada” Prod By Blacksun So Peopl Should Be Waiting For That.

Chaps Nama Chapekazi Please Take Your Time To Download And Enjoy The ‘Gawdly’ single by H4 Featuring The B5 member Lastee

H4 Feat. Lastee – Everyday

Click Here To Download

First Verse goes something like :

Believe Me When I Say I Do This Everyday
Everymorning I Wake Up With That Vision In My Head
With These Lines I Reach(Reach)
With This Music I Preach (Preach)
I Just Want To Unleash
All The Love He Brings
And I Hope This Rings A Bell In Your Heart
Now Let Him In
Let Him Be Your Map
So Before Every Nap
You Get Down On Your Knees
And Let Down Your Needs
I Remember Quite Clearly(Saint)
It Was 2008 When I Gave My Life Dearly
Got Baptised Since Then His Been Living In Me
This Music Thing Is Easier
Coz He Believes In Me
Even Though I Sin
He Will Never Leave Me
So I Take This To The Streets Where The Devil Breathes
We Save Alotta Souls
Now Hear The Angels Sing Like Like H4 The Melodies

Check out lyrics for the whole song Below
Click here to view song’s lyrics


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