Where/When is Durban progressing ?

Why Don’t We Succeed ??

I think we(as the durban audience) praise mediocrity too much, we’re too content with the little that we have, without Dubane state of mind (#Dsom) there would be no hip hop shows holding it down in durban. Without clever ungaGive Up some people wouldn’t bother in listen to durban music

Why ?

Why can’t we be something similar to jhb .. Accept artist with their unique culture of expressing hip hop instead of judging them for supporting a certain artist, we don’t do that instead we want every other artist to be exactly similar to the next and then complain saying everyone raps the same again..

I personally feel as though durban khats don’t do this music game like their life depended on it, I just don’t hear the same hunger when listening to Siya Shezi compared to a ‘Kasi Rapper’ from here. We accept mediocrity too much… We’re forever praising Zakwe & Abdus(praise they do deserve)but doing this we never giving new talent a chance to penetrate the industry.. JHB has more than 2 people when debating about their best. Why do people from CPT fly all the way to JHB to ‘make it’ and not DBN ?

I mean its not like JHB is bigger than DBN therefore all the media houses go there. Why tho ?

I’m not saying I know it all,but what I’m trying to get across is the point that if people invested at least 30% of their time trying to establish their work place their value would increase. God forbid should BAT Centre burn down one day .. DBN hip hop would be over ??

How many years has Abdus been rapping ? .. And how many years has Dream Team been rapping ? ..We all know Abdus has got the skill, why isn’t he always on line ups in posh clubs ? Why do florida clubs pay double to fly down JHB artists instead ?

But I guess this is only in my view and yes I do understand that they make money through mix tapes and don’t necessarily need to make it .. I just think most DBN artist say they wanna go big but after a music video .. They seem content with where they are.

And I also talked with a few buddies and they had to say :

“durban is not succeeding because we don’t invest in ourselves…about 85% of artists and producers don’t invest on their skill…our failure to invest on our music make people overlook what we doing and actually end up looking somewhere else…and then there was this sub-genre discrimination..here in durban if u do a certain type of hip hop u will be supported by a certain group of people…that alone is confusing the public…confusing the market…the market that we all targeting is just not there anymore…who would support a genre thats frustrated within its internal structures??…another thing would be quality..in durban we lack that…we have the talented but we fail to nature and support it whereas Jozi lack talent but they do things professionally..when they do something they put their heart and minds to it…i mean look at Dj Dimplez, Speedsta and Vigilante ok and maybe Cassper…look at how they do things?? Look at how they have the hip hop market at the palm of their hands…they killing it right now…and thina?? What do we have?? Ow yeah..right..we have Zakwe..Duncan…Drea­mTeam..is that it??..pretty much….IN DURBAN WE DONT HAVE THE FULL BACKING OF OUR MARKET COZ WE DEVIDED….its sad…about radio…about 73% of artists here in durban don’t have a clue about professional packaging when it comes to promoting a single on radio…they don’t know that u have to have 3sets of data on the disc with that being the song (single)…the instrumental..and the vocals alone…they just don’t know that..all they do is send emails…and be satisfied with just one radio play that don’t even earn em royalties.. Rappers in durban don’t see themselves as businesses…they just doing it with the hope of some scout recruiting them in hopes of a deal…they want record deals..they rather earn 10 000 a month…get a 50 000 gig and still earn 10grand whereas if u get a 50grand gig all that money comes to u IF UR INDEPENDANT….but ke…Durban hip hop is just…sigh…all we be alright the day we invest our skills and only want the best in terms of sound engineers and music videos…maybe only then o-Miller and castle light will stop sponsoring events and start sponsoring artists themselves.
Durban hip hop scene is like a child lost in the wilderness with a broken compass….and Jozi is a group of adults who know what to do but don’t know the ”know-how”..” – C12 (Rapper/Producer)

“The Support. Durban Rappers Bagxekana Bodwa. Just Cause One Crowd Doesn’t Like Your Art Like Some Do Then Bazoqala Basho Negative Stuff About That Place Or People. Bona They Only Wanna Push iKasi Rap Kanti Trap Is Also A Force And That Causes Tension And Division Amongst Us. A Show I Did Izolo Futhi I Proved That. There’s A Crew Called YMC And They Do Trap, When Those Niggers Get On Stage The Crowd Goes Mad. Then Another Crew That Weren’t Pleasing The Crowd Bathe Sebeqedile Bathi “Iyabheda Le Ndawo, Bathanda ISwag Kakhulu”… Another Thing Is Beef. They All Wanna Be Ontop And Crowned Top Dogs While Still Hustling. *We Are All On The Same Boat*. … Another Thing That We Do Not Do Is, We Do Not Attack The Media. We Did That Late. Ukuthi Thina We Do Not Have Easier Access To All The Resources That JHB Rappers Do. Futhi Our Rappers Do Not Network With “Outside” Rappers. There Is This Thing I Liked That Maffera, Young Cannibal & Mapiwe Are Doing Networking With Other Rappers Over Social Networks.” – BiG Zack (Event Organiser/ Artist Manager)

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Pic Courtesy Of Puleonline.com

Pic Courtesy Of Puleonline.com


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