CoddAzz Presents The Masquerade Mixtape

Masquerade Cover

Masquerade Cover

Here’s another hot mixtape that’s recently dropped & is going to make waves without a doubt.. So don’t f*ck up ‘n ignore this.. Then weeks later you be like ‘hook me up with the link please’

Before you get to download .. We talked to the man of the moment..

“My real name is “Mhlengi Ncobela” From Cato Manor, Durban. I am in a crew called RANDHUSTLE.” The skilled homie had workered with Neo (Neo Ndawo) JayT Glow, Tantrik etc…. And That “Masquerade” is his Debut Mixtape.

Veezy : What was the inspiration behind this mixtape & how long did it take to finish ?

CoddAzz : The inspiration behind the mixtape was the face behind the music. As you know that on a Masquerade Ball people wear masks as a disguise so I used that concept to build up the Mixtape so the Mask is just the music and what lies under is the musician…It took me about half a year to finish up the mixtape

Veezy : So you’re CoddAzz ? How did that come about ?

CoddAzz : Yeah, Lol its a funny story my grandfather gave me that name as just a nickname because I was born in 1992 May 8 that was the time the ANC & The rulling party during that time were having this Meeting called “CODESA” So my grandfather just named me “CODESA” as a nickname and then I started rapping and I used to go by the stage name “Websyt” for years but when I went to visit my grandparents house my grandfather said I should use the nick name he gave me so I granted his wish but I twisted the name from “CODESA” to “CoddAzz”

Veezy : Describe your mixtape in 5 words

CoddAzz : Not Your Avarage Mixtape Music

Well without wasting your time .. Ima do it like we always do and give you golden hits on a platinum platter ;D

Full Tape Download Link – HERE

01) Drifting Away – HERE

02) Pray (Feat. JayT Glow) – HERE

03) Late Nights & Early Mornings (Feat. Neo) – HERE

04) All I See Is Rands – HERE

05) Vodka & Styrofoam Cups – HERE

06) Get Dizzy – HERE

07) After The Party – HERE

08) Phuck Phace (Feat. SHY) – HERE

09) Blue Flame – HERE

10) Standing Ovation – HERE

11) Bucket List – HERE

12) Summer Rain (Feat. Young Be, Crayzee Kidd & Clara-T) – HERE

13) Cherry Blossom-Think About Me (Feat. Namhla Zwelonke) – HERE

14) 4 AM – HERE

15) We Get High – HERE

16) Memory Lane (Feat. D!ce) – HERE


WebSy.. i mean CoddAzz!!

WebSy.. i mean CoddAzz!!


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