Calibur’s Unknown Mind

Mixtape Artwork (Designed By @VerbossMusiQ)

Mixtape Artwork (Designed By @VerbossMusiQ)

A Mind Unknown is the title of the 2nd mixtape(that I know of) by @Caliburistic1 .. Dude Is super talented is like a mixture of Eminem and a lot more other dudes..

The first tape was all demonic and shit. But this one .. Is all that!! And is definitely worth the download to relax & listen.

With tracks like ‘Narcotics Night’ :
“Wait close your eyes and tell me what you see/” psychedelic images that come from DMT/
I could’ve been better off on GHB/
cause everything’s enhanced by the THC/
that I get from inhaling the P.O.T/
Lord please don’t let me D.I.E /”

..Its a jamming hit that will take us into the scenery of the wildest party you can imagine & an even crazier ‘morning bang’ its just that song I’m sure we all can relate to.

Then there’s Native Island By Calibur, Nhlege , Space & Progenetic.. My personal favorite . You should download the song.. And listen to it carefully word for word.. It talks about how black people have become slaves all because of the fairer skin people .
“We never needed cash until they came/
Then they gave us religion to ease the pain/”

I could text about the Demotape for daays.. But would rather you download atleast one song & tell me what you think on the facebook page : Verboss MusiQ

Here’s the tracklist including Links … Enjoy :

Download Demotape as a whole file
• Calibur A Mind Unknown –

Or Download Each Track On Its Own :
(To Download click The Song Title)

1 •Welcome to Tha Tape – HERE

2 • Calibur – Dreamin’ – HERE

3 • Calibur – See Dead People(Free Flow) – HERE 

4 • Calibur – Narcotic Nights – HERE

5 • Calibur – Shatter (I Been Thinkin’) – HERE

6 • Calibur – Dark World Spins – HERE

7 • Calibur – Not So Sorry ft. G-Blose  – HERE

8 • Calibur – Sistaz – HERE

9 • Calibur – Good Girls Go Bad (Remix) – HERE

10 • Calibur – XIII – HERE

11 • Calibur – Pineal Gland Clan – HERE

12 • Calibur – Native  Island (Nhlege ,ProGenetic & Space – HERE

13 • Calibur – My Symphony (Calibur & Luigy Kay) – HERE  

Check Him On Twitter @Caliburistic1

Captain Calibur

Captain Calibur


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