Inspiring Tweets For 2014

@TweeterzMrCool's Twitter Profile

@TweeterzMrCool’s Twitter Profile

Inspiring Tweets To Keep In Mind For 2014 :

Rule #20 – Live Your Life The Best Way You Can.& Don’t Forget, You Only Got One Life.

Rule #19 – Don’t Blame Nobody For Your Own Mistakes!

Rule #18 – Don’t take advantage of good deeds towards you!

Rule #17 – Have a limit when it comes to trusting people.

Rule #16 – Don’t Bragg About What Doesn’t Even Belongs To You!.. just Don’t Bragg At All!

Rule #15 – Love yourself enough to know you deserve the best there ever was!

Rule #14 – Don’t do things expecting favors in return!, Just do things out of your own free will!

Rule #13 – Love Yourself.

Rule #12 – Don’t Ever Sacrifice Your Worth, For Someone Who Doesn’t Know Their Worth!

Rule #11 – Never Underestimate Any Abilities Of Anybody, ’cause no one deserves to be Underestimated anyway!

Rule #10 – Know Your Worth.

Rule #9 – Never Compete Where There’s No Competition!

Rule #8 – Don’t Things For Some Lame Approval From Your Peers!

Rule #7 – Respect Yourself So It Will Be Easier For Everyone Else To Find A Way To Respect You!

Rule #6 – Embrace Your Imperfections!, Let It Sink In That You’re Only Human, Who Cannot Be Perfect!

Rule #5 – Try To Put Yourself In Someone’s Shoes& See What They’re Going Through Before You Judge Them!

Rule #4 – Listen Carefully before you Reply!

Rule #3 – Know What To say& When To Say it!

Rule #2 – Think Before You Talk!

Rule #1 – Never Do Things To Impress!, Do Things To Express!

– These Tweets were tweeted by @TweeterzMrCool –

Yo guys I hope you have a great year, lots of drive, passion, and whatever you need to get through it! God Bless


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