Foreal Music Pres. : Best Believe

New Banger From My Nikkas In E.C Representing Kokstad Widdit!!

The Flow These Niggas Release I’m not sure if its on Jupiter Or Mars But Its Mos’ Def NOT in this world!! Shiiiiyat!! First dude’s (LoyaltyDaRapper) Verse just sets the mood for the whole song its Bananaz maaaaayne!!

And The 2nd Rapper(who also producedd the hot track) goes IN!! After the auto-tuned chorus and he kills it too. Carry up in the chilled mood the song sets

And then thirdly .. Its Babzo remember BABZO ? Yeah from an interview to releasing a hot single. I love this song its perfect for blunt days or for relaxing yet its a perfect song to FUCKEN-TURN-UP

Soo If you’re already ready for this heat to be in your playlist STAY TUNED!!! They’re releasing on the 29th Septermber 2014

“Bagwcala ngeFlow My Rap Is Like a River” – LoyaltyDaRapper

“Turned Into a Drug-Feed been doing a lot of chemistry” – Mrizzy

“Best believe I got it , from day 1 I got it .. Lend me your ears and I can tell you all about it” – BABzo

Twitter Handles :
` @BABzoHimself
` @LoyaltyDaRapper
` @CaptainMrizzy


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