Acheron’s Blazing Singles

I’m Back Widdit Yoll Delivering Thee Latest Blazing Hits And Right now I got these 2 hot singles I couldn’t just keep to the ‘Self

(1) Acheron – Let Proverb Down
I love this remake its not your average ‘Let’s remake it cause its hot’ its more of a message cause I mean he couldve remaked any other track on Born Sinner but chose a more meaningful 1 .. Any I really dig that lil intro he does makes 1 more intrigued on what’s about to go down

Link : Acheron – Let ProVerb Down

Now … on to the next , I’m onto the next one .. On to the next I’m onto the next one v(*.*)^

Next Up Its This Nigga Acheron again with another single titled :
Game Changer .. Haven’t Really Heard Much Of This Song But I’ll leave you to judge and comment ..

Link : Acheron – Game Changer

Follow this nigga on twitter for a lil chat exchange-nyana or just to tell him what you think of his music @Acheron_RSA

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