More Constructive Criticism For Youngin’s

People are starving and you busy rappin’ about money & bitches .. People need to get this right .. Its not the rapper’s fault there’s poverty and whether the rapper raps about it or not .. Its won’t be helping the economy!!

If we all rapped about poverty would it change it ?
So why are people criticizing rappers on what they rap about instead of how they rap about it ? Why not judge a rapper on how strong/weak the content was instead of what the content was ?

Some people be like “if your song title has the word swag in it , don’t bother giving me the link” WHY ?? What song title you want ?
‘Hustling’ , ‘Grinding’ , ‘Workin” , ‘Paper chasing’ etc.

What at one stage after his transformation made me like Maraza was when he was on some talk show along with other rappers (iFani , Ab Crazy and then Nu Niggas) was when he said :

“You cannot judge a new/youngin’ rapper if he raps about SWAG cause that means that’s the era he grew up in , he wasn’t around in Tupac’s era .. He was around souljaboy / Lil wayne etc’s era and that what he/she grew up listening to. And if it works for them there’s no harm”

I once posted that on facebook and people were having me with such comments :

“Today’s youth knows nothing about hip hop , they’re just stupid and lazy”

“They should listen to tupac even though he’s dead because he was hip hop not this swag”

“He’s right if it works for them , then it works”

“These kids know nun’ immortal technique , tech9nine , Lauryn Hill and all these people that do real hip hop”

Is it the youngin’s fault that they grew up listening to what’s on tv instead of searching websites for “Dancing with the devil by Immortal Technique” ?

No Lie ..The Tupac/Biggie era was the biggest and greatest era of hip hop in all history .. And we’ve entered a new era with new rappers and what I wanna ask is who is being ignorant ?

Is it the people who judge the youngin’s for not listening to old music they won’t be able to relate to ? Or is it the youngin’s who start their careers motivated by only what they see on TV ?

Shout Out To My Inspiration behind This Post :

Ether Versez

Ether Versez

X Da Green Panther

X Da Green Panther



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One thought on “More Constructive Criticism For Youngin’s

  1. Check this out nhe…

    Ain nobody hatin on no youngin but most of these rappers you speak of can not rap. They are sometimes nigguhs who idolise the rappers life and try rapping, too.

    The reason why you are saying/writing this article is caz there are too many of these rappers that some people (maybe like you) see it necessary to accept them. Its only because there are no cyphers and rap battles anymore that you find these cheap corny about swag lyrics being thrown all over.

    For this article to make more sense,

    Ask any of these youngin’s what hip hop is about…. talking about swag might be ok for a cuplo rich kids but it ain what hip hop is about and can never be an acceptable representation of what rap is about.

    What they see on tv is about swag yes, but there are a lot of real rappers even now and saying, or giving an excuse to be whack just because people watch a lot of tv ain goin anywhere in justifying being a fake rapper.

    ‘my uncle said rap about life, now rap niggas’ – Kendrick Lamar.

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