#CharlieSheen – Sy-Er , Moos , E.Li , Lil Trix (Prod. By Lil Trix)

“Charlie Sheen” is a single by rappers Sy-Er, Moos, E.Li and Lil Trix, who were once alternatively known by the group name, ArrBeeDub. The song is produced by Lil Trix.

Since December 2012, Lil Trix was involved in a feud with Moos and Sy-Er which resulted to their departure from the group. “Charlie Sheen” marks the end of the feud.

The lyrics and connotations for each line can be found here – http://rapgenius.com/Sy-er-moos-eli-and-lil-trix-charlie-sheen-lyrics

Remember, the single #HARD is also coming SOON 🙂

#CharlieSheen – Sy-Er, Moos, E.Li & Lil Trix
Download Links:
http://bit.ly/14pDu75 OR
http://bit.ly/19CgTFd OR

Get At Them On Twitter :

• Moos – @LordMoos101
• Lil Trix – @ZunaidLombard
• Sy-Er – @Sy_Er
• E.Li – @E_dot_Li


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