African Pound’s World – Interview

The Black Pound

The Black Pound

Pound (Real Name : Siphelele Freeman Mbhele) is a guy from south coast (039) from a small township called gamalakhe. He fell in love with hip hop music at a very young age till this day…

And him and I got talkin’

Verbose : Why the name pound ? How did it come about ?
Pound : Growing up I’ve always loved money and wealth u when the time came 4 me 2 have a rap name I first called maself “black diamond” but found out there’s a group that goes by that name so I changed it to black pound,since pound is the highest currency and the black represents africa since I’m an african..basically it meant “african pound”..feel me?

Verbose : Totally!! You also a producer correct ?
Pound : Ya in a way but 4 now I’m really into writing but I do contribute into production..but I’m more like a silent partner

Verbose : How many singles do you have out ? And un-released ones ?
Pound : I got like 2 singles out and a lot of unreleased tracks

Verbose : Released and unreleased tracks , which 1 is your favorite and why ?
Pound : It’s titled “what I’m tryna do”…I love it coz I’m just real in that track I’m explaining the reason why I rap and y I do this music in the first place…plus I love the beat made ba ma homeboy’s got that sample that just makes me go bananaz

Verbose : You mentioned you from the south coast “(039)” , if you could describe the ‘039 hip hop scenery’ using an artist who would it be ?
Pound : An artist named “rivernile” that guy is just great in ma eyes..he understands what hz doing and he really appreciates hip hop his name is slowly getting acknowledged in the durban scene

Verbose : So what are your plans for yourself and your career this year and the next ?
Pound : I wanna do a demo right now and I just want it to be perfect…and there’s this 8 track mixtape I wanna do which will be distributed 4 free then after that I do a proper tape that will be professional..but u know it’s hard out here coz the proper studios cost money and I won’t lie to ya I’m a broke ass I’m getting ma hustle on to get this money coz I feel there’s a need 4 people to hear ma music and the knowledge it will bring..

Verbose : I feel yah man. So far what do you see as one of your greatest accomplishments ?
Pound : Uhm yoh that’s hard…4 now I got nothing I can brag about but I entered this other jack daniels where they scouting 4 new talent…hope something good comes out from…and ow there’s this hip hop deejay that’s really interested in me..hz label is interested in me but I can’t reveal that info right now coz it hasn’t got serious…

Verbose : All the best with that! Now .. Who is pound dating ?
Pound : (Inserts Laughing & Eyes Closed Emoticons) Uhm I’m single 4 the moment but there’s this girl I’m into..hoping we’ll be an item soon

Verbose : Now , if you date someone is it important that they a fan of your music ? Or its just chilled and up to them ?
Pound : Naaah not really…but then she raps too that’s the good thing 😉

Verbose : So music is it gonna be something you really wana pursue or if it doesn’t happen while you studying you getting a job n forgetting about it ?
Pound : Made a promise to maslef that I’ll rap till I die…so there’s no way out it has to voice gotta be heard

Verbose : Narc* , who are your role models internationally and locally ?
Pound : Internationally it’s j.cole,common,wille the kid,nas and when I wanna do a love track I listen to drake coz hz music is for the heart u know…Used to love kanye until he thought he was jesus …u can’t play with god like that

Verbose : Lmao!! And locally ?
Pound : Uhm it’s abdus,zakwe,proverb,prokid

Verbose : Are you solo right now ?
Pound : Uhm naah I got a crew back home that I’m part called “first gear” but right now I’m pushing it solo here in durbs

Verbose :I see. Ayt man thanks for your time and all the best wi’cha career
Shouts To the hommie Nino Pound For making this interview possible , Get his 2 Songs below

Pound – Initiation
Pound – What Im Tryna Do (People can vote clicking ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’ after downloading the song)

To Contact Pound :

Email :
Follow (on twitter) : @nino_biatch

Nino aka Pound

Nino aka Pound


2 thoughts on “African Pound’s World – Interview

  1. Nice interview but its really disgusting when you gonna say the guy Rivernile is a description of south coast hip hop scene bruh.. I mean, that’s not a good look for us!

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