BABzo : Himself – The Interview

Today , I got to catch up with a buddy (Babalo Kohli) I made through some features nje , and me and BABzo got talking about his life , music and love. This is one extremely humble nigga , who puts his whole into his tracks and you can see the progression he makes from one track to the next

And this is how the interview went ..

Veezy : What’s the meaning behind the name BABzo ?
BABzo : I got introduced to graphic design last year Jan, with reference to my aka BABzit. My design label was known as ‘BABzit Designs’. I extracted my aka into rapping since I got introduced by my buddies Loyalty and Mrizzy. Unfortunately, the name ‘BABzit’ was not adequate for a rapper so they formulated the name ‘BABzo’.

Veezy : Why In CAPs though ? The BAB ?
BABzo : To me, being referred to as Babzo just wasn’t enough. The caps to my viewing was a choice, they bring out dignity. For a person who doesn’t know me, it draws you close with enthusiasm for you to know me as a rapper.

Veezy : Wow , nice! How many singles do you have out right now ?
BABzo : Without referring to my last year releases? Approximately 8 successful tracks for a newbie. Last year’s song were…dull.

Veezy : Lol , Which of that 8 was your fav. .. I know mine was whatever it takes by you and loyalty the rapper .. So yeah yours ?
BABzo : My favourite is Rise, an unofficial remix of Lil Trix’s track. Since my whole team was there! Lol

Veezy : So far as an artist what has been that big accomplishment in your eyes that you’ll always treasure
BABzo : Being featured on blogs like Heavywords and Brokebillionaire. For a person who has been rapping for a year? I’ve done myself proud

Veezy : who is BABzo Dating and how long has it been ?
BABzo : Haha. Snap! In that department I absolutely don’t fit in. My last relationship was a week. See? I’ve decided to date music. Lol

Veezy : Would you date a fan though ? Or that’s off bounds ?
BABzo : Dating a fan is not a problem, as long as she won’t act as a fan around me but a mate of mine.

Veezy : So right now what are the future plans for BABzo ?
BABzo : I need a personal producer. Most people believe that I have talent but I’ve hid it beneath downloaded instrumentals.

Veezy : What inspires you to script ? For any verse nje
BABzo : Personally, every story need to be told. Behind every verse I script, there is a story. I don’t have a specific inspiration that drives me but rather reference or formulation of a story.

Veezy : You mentioned , “Rise” being your fav. song. Because your whole team is there ? Whose the team ?
BABzo : The team consists of me, Loyalty, Mrizzy, Ann-Dee, C-BOY, LiLY, Delvin and Mnoneleli.

Veezy : Is music gonna be something you gonna push for ? Or its just a spare-time-hobby ?
BABzo : Most hobbies start as being literally a hobby, then love is built. Fortunately, a hobby can be reflected into a career. With that being said, time will tell.

Veezy : any shout outs to your peeps ou’chea ?
BABzo : Just my ‘people’. Those soon to be close to me. Family.

Some BABzo Singles

His”Rise” Single with his ‘Team’
BABzo – Dreams Money Can Buy
Loyalty & Mrizzy feat BABzo – #Oops

You can also find him on twitter – @BABzoHimself or email him :


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