Nasty C Parallel’s Onto Da-Les’ ‘Heaven’ The Ceemix(Remix)

Nasty C

Nasty C

This guy is talented just like to say that firstly and then to continue and say when I first heard this I thought , Oh gosh another one tryna sound American , but I remember that’s how he really sounds cause I’ve heard his “B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Ceemix) [Remix]” and it went IN for days at some point I’d search up his version instead of Kendrick’s .

Anyway so this song .. I know its an UN-OFFICIAL remix but the beat similarities to the original are quite few ,not sure if its intentional or for copy right purposes but yeah AND it would’ve been nice if he got 2 other people to tag along you know .. Its really short so no reason NOT to download

Sooo you can get your “Ceemix Heaven” Version below as a download link , Hopefully We can provide the full lyrics at a later stage (hint hint Nasty C!!)

Some notable Lyrics off it :

“Its Funny how the tables turn , b*tches wanna fuck with nothing in return”

“I don’t give a fuck ‘Cause ima G like that , b*tches wanna suck a nigga’s d*ck so they can get my mixtape/ legs spreading / fish paste”

Get At Him on Twitter – @IamNasty_C

And To Download His Heaven Remix Click HERE

Shoutouts To Nasty For Providing Us with them

Its funny how tha tables turn.
B*tches wanna f*ck me, and want nu’n in return.
V.I. To tha P, in the land of the geese.
And yo b*tch so wet, the kush won’t burn.

Keep it 1 hunned. Keep it 1 hunned.
I aint een tripp’n I ju’ keep it 1 hunned.
I’m Nasty! *Period! Wonder why I leave the whole stage all bloody,(Pause!!!)

I got a milli in my dome.
all I gotta do is claim it.
Goose in abundance.
Swear it just rained on me.
I’m a martian, we aint the same homie
Yo b*tch dancin? Put blame on me.

I’ont give a f*ck. Coz I’m a G ly dat.
And b*tches wann’ suck a nigga d*ck so they can get my mix tape.
Legs spreaded, fish pastes.

Posted By BonafideMerchant – @VerboseNje


One thought on “Nasty C Parallel’s Onto Da-Les’ ‘Heaven’ The Ceemix(Remix)

  1. I thnk th boy jst klld it bt cn rapprs tll us hw do thy make their lyrics hard 2 understand or such confusing plz share th secrite

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