Papoose Fires Back at Kendrick Lamar On ‘Control’ Freestyle … HARD

Papoose is next up with a sick lyrical response. Just months after sharing the stage with K. Dot at Hot 97’s Summer Jam, Papoose commits lyrical assault on Kendrick, rejecting the Compton rapper’s claim as the ‘King of New York.’

“Ayo Kendrick, good lookin’ on that Summer Jam move,” the Brooklyn rapper says before his verse. “But you ain’t the king of shit!”

Papoose then proceeded to throw jabs at Kendrick and his TDE crew, accusing the rapper of getting ahead of himself and contributing to the demise of the rap game. He spits:

“Tell Kendrick and TDE they need to lay off the PCP/ Far from the king, this is the city of BDP/ You’ll never be a real west coast artist like Eazy E/ You f**king joke, we laughing at you like hehehe/ Ya’ll probably stick dildos in each other like Stevie G/ I mean Stevie J on that sextape with E-V-E.”

Pap’s 4-minute freestyle even features a few name drops of his own; the rapper calls out Kanye West and Drake in his verse, saying “they act feminine.” He also trashes Big Sean on the track in another effort to preserve his city’s legacy:

“Little Sean, Big Sean, let me see I.D./Before you rap, why you always say B.I.G.?/You ain’t Biggie, you can D-I-E…”

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Posted By Da Yung Gawd – @VerboseNje

UPDATED : The Full Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Tell Kendrick and TDE they need to lay off the PCP
Far from the king, this is the city of BDP
You’ll never be a real west coast artist like Eazy E
You a fucking joke, we laugh at you like hee hee hee
Y’all probably stick dildoes in each other like Stevie G
I mean Stevie J on that sex tape with E-V-E
Little Sean, Big Sean, let me see ID
Before you rap why you always say B.I.G.?
You ain’t Biggie, you can D-I-E
Every time I hear you you’re getting cornier like your E-Y-E
Back when we was slaves they used to cut off our balls
Then stuffed ’em in our mouths, kept us away from the girls
Modern day slavery, now they put us in jail
A bunch of men in cells away from the females
This wasn’t done just because the color of skin
This was done cause they never wanted us to be men
Kendrick, Kanye, Drake, they all act feminine
Wear a lot of clothes you usually see women in
So the mainstream America finds it interesting
Push ’em up to the forefront, they positioning
You never made it cause you bringing lyrics in
Singing like a lady, you get away with murder, you George Zimmerman
What I’m stating is facts, grams
You only blew up cause you contributed to the feminization of the black man
Wolves on you, time to get rid of these crap rappers
Wolfpack on your back, you really a backpacker
Kendrick Lamar – where’s your last name rap bastard?
You got two first names, your mama was ass backwards
Always make gun sounds in your songs like ”dew dew dew”
Sounds like a gun out of Star Wars: R2D2
You gassed up, you thought you could just creep upon
The MTV interview that TI was freaking on
You tried to hug her, she pushed off like ”keep your arm”
I’ve seen that footage when you got curved by Nia Long
Good kid, mad city – you know nothing about the trap
On your album cover you sat on another man’s lap
They looked like the Supreme’s, you was Diana Ross
Only person in the flip with no shirt – damn it boss
But when they molest you did you have your pamper off?
Baby bottle right there on the table, that right there was yours
A Muslim who eat pork, that’s not peace
Bust your chopper’s head off and put it to the east
King of New York, why you ain’t say you the king of LA?
You from Compton, scared to death from them ese’s
Real Bloods, real Crips – MS-13’s
Mexican Mafia, what about them boys from Queens?
They gon’ bust and pull it hard right on Sutphin Boulevard
Staten Island catch a homo, get thrown off the Verrazano
Bronx lay your pussy down, do more than just Boogie Down
Harlem they just flossin’, dawg, get their Bumpy Johnsonn off
You know about Brooklyn, they gon’ bang my G
And they only let you live cause you came with me
Jay Z co-signed you, you was given the torch
Now you think you Big Meech, you must listen to Ross
Catch you slipping in the city, no permission to floss
Kiss your jewelry goodbye, put your lips on your cross
I represent the lowlives, do the shit for New York
That’s why the little man on my shirt sit on the horse
This rap shit gon’ be the death of me, I’m driven with force
I’d rather die with a victory than live with a loss
That little bitch you fucking told me, why she missing your calls
She said your dick is so little that you piss on your balls
Man, your shit sound bougy, I’m loading shots in the Uzi
No fingerprints, I’ll wipe ’em down like Lil’ Boosie
He think it’s all good cause Biggie made Juicy
But he should listen to ”Who Shot Ya?”, we bang toolies
Even back then we had hammers under them Coogis
Goonies in front of the corner stores smoking them loosies
Strip you to your socks, I bet you we got a pussy
My bullets hit em’ dead in his cooty come out his booty
‘Bout to make a movie on roolie, we keep it Gucci
Bullets in the chamber like judge Mathis and Judy


One thought on “Papoose Fires Back at Kendrick Lamar On ‘Control’ Freestyle … HARD

  1. Now Papoose Goin So Hard On My Boy BIG Sean ; Have Seen The Pic Of Diddy n Jigga ” hahahahah ” & kendric says he’s a king of New York”
    Pusha T : I think he’s not offended n mik mill

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