Cassidy Response To kendrick’s “Control Verse”

Well Well well … It seems the swimming pool’ artist has dug himself a huge ass grave and seems confident he’s not going in it ..

With claims that Big Sean has claimed that “his verse was better than kendrick’s” and other artists taking turns in studio to respond to the verse Kendrick spit on Sean Don’s Control single ..

Now Cassidy has released a “Diss-back track” directed to for his claims made in his verse ..

*Small Question : why are all songs being released on soundcloud to stream?*

-Exclusive- Rumour has it MT And Micky M are also in studio working on a diss-back to kendrick ? True or not comment below ?

Click Here to listen to the diss-back from cassidy

Here are some hot lines that are trending on the internet :

“I speak the truth, these other niggas got a lying tongue/So if there’s levels to this shit I’m on the highest one.”

“You would think B.I.G., Big Pun and Big L ghostwrite for me/And I can box, you do not want to pick a fight with me.”

“I’d rather get my money upfront than on the back end/My bars been crazy, I’m Slim Shady with black skin.”

“I used to play the corner like a traffic light/But I stopped trapping white so I could live the rapper life.”

“I paint pictures no photoshop/I’m not the king of New York/But the king of New York know I’m hot.”

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Posted By Da Yung Gawd – @VerboseNje


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