Rappers Immediately React To kendrick’ Control Verse

It seems there is some controversy over K.Dot’s Verse In Big Sean’s New Single Control rappers tweeting and makin’ noise , people claiming its the best verse of all time

C’mon now just cause he threw in a couple of names in his verse doesn’t make him an instant Eminem .. Naw man

I don’t think Kendrick is bad but I just feel like Drake’s 5am In Toronto Has placed the standard quite high for people and I can see anyother verse on that level ..

Cali nigga just said he’s the King of NY & u niggas so fucking worried about your relationships, y’all make me sick.
— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden)

KENDRICK!!!!! Shit
– P Diddy (@iamdiddy)

Tyga deleted his tweet hmmm

But what’s your take ? Best verse ? Just okay ? Comment below

Posted By Da Yung Gawd – @VerboseNje


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